Powell County, Kentucky


Powell County Industrial Development Authority


In the Heart of Red River Gorge & Natural Bridge


Powell County is home to the Red River Gorge.  The Gorge is a 29,000 acre outdoor wonderland featuring more than 100 nature stone arches.  Largely located inside the Daniel Boone National Forest, it also boasts the designation as one of the country’s few “National Natural Landmarks”, “National Archaeological District and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.   Known as a rock climber’s paradise with miles and miles of sandstone cliff lines, rock shelters, waterfalls, visitors from around the world flock to the Gorge year round for its world-renowned climbing and hiking opportunities. 


Natural Bridge State Resort Park, a 2,370 acre Kentucky State Park, is also located in Powell County.  The park is abundant with Native American relics, shelters, and burial grounds.  The main attraction is the bridge itself, a natural arch with more than 15 million pounds of rock in suspension.  It is 30 feet wide at the top and 85 feet at the base; one of the more than 70 natural arches located in the area.  Natural Bridge State Park also features more than 85 miles of amazing hiking trails that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy year round.


The Red River: A 20 mile portion designated a “Wild and Scenic River” in 1993, the Red River meanders through Powell County creating outdoor adventure opportunities throughout the area. 


Pilot Knob State Nature Preserve:  Located near Clay City, the Nature Preserve is a 730 foot outcrop that is believed to be the place where Daniel Boone and his companion John Finley first looked out over the area in 1769.